Monday, August 24, 2009


Sad but true ! Can’t we all live in peace and sing Kumbaya together?

I echo the words of a someone who wrote:

1) Source: BBC News

According to the official report on the Gujarat 2002 riots published by the Indian Government and declared on record by the Junior Home Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal in the Indian parliament: “790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed, 223 more people reported missing and another 2,500 injured.”

Since 25% to 30% of the dead civilians were Hindus who were massacred by Muslims (who constitute just 9% of the population), then Gujarat-2002 riots can be termed a genocide OF the Hindus BY the Muslims.

2) It makes me extremely sad and frustrated to see that an increasing number of Hindus are realizing that the only way to deal with Islamic violence is to retaliate in the same fashion. After 14 centuries of surviving Islamic Jihad, some of the surviving Hindus have begun to respond in a similar vein – often mirroring the Quranic edicts of burning, killing and raping non-believers. This is not the right way and is making Hindus more Islamic in our outlook.

It is my startling observation that the indignant Hindu civilians in Gujarat’s riots in 2002 had learnt in text-book style how to pay back organized Islamic attacks against the Kafirs:

- slitting open pregnant Hindu women’s bellies and hacking fetuses was perfected in Kerala. (Sources: "Moplah Rebellion - An OffShoot of the Khilafat Movement" and "Live Witness Accounts of the Moplah Massacres – by Annie Beasant, Dr. Ambedkar" )

- impaling a Hindu foetus and newborn babies was displayed amply at Lala Moosa in Punjab. (Source: "Muslim League Attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947" by SGPC scholar Gurbachan Singh Talib)

- roasting a train-load of Hindus alive en masse was taught well at Godhra in Gujarat

- gang-raping Hindu women in the thousands was perfected at Noakhali in East Bengal (Source: "My People, Uprooted: A Saga of the Hindus of Eastern Bengal")

- slicing Hindu women into half with a chain saw in a wood-mill, starting with their genitals and slowly moving upwards to their heads, was perfected in Srinagar (Read more about the nurse Sarla Bhatt’s fate in the book "Kashmir: Past and Present" )

The Hindus learn quickly, it seems sadly. Some Hindus seem to have realized that the “Golden Rule” works both ways- “Do onto others what they do unto you”. When you respond to the other’s barbaric attack on your women and children by giving them a taste of their own medicine, the “other” will feel the same pain that he inflicted on you.

Not a civilized response at all. I am totally against such mindless tit-for-tat violence. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. I truly wish and sincerely pray that Hindus practice forgiveness and not retaliate against such genocidal attacks.

Let the Hindus not emulate the Jewish residents of Krakow who, in their last-ditch attempt at survival, fought back fiercely against the Nazis. Let the Hindus march meekly towards the gas chambers.

And yes, my dear friends, do not give me any justifications such as: “When a bully pushes a meek pussycat against the wall and corners it, even this cat will scratch and bite.”

O Hindus ! Please try to fall in line with your descriptions (in Pakistani textbooks) where Hindus are reviled as pot-bellied, papad-munching, dhoti-wearing, ghas-phoos eating banias who run away at the first sight of a Ghazi (Islamic Holy Warrior).

Ishwar Allah Tero Naam …. Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan.

3) In terms of scale, the Gujarat-wide retaliation for the Godhra barbecue was quite muted when you compare the death toll of Hindus running in the hundreds of thousands, the numbers of Hindu refugees running in the millions from Bangladesh and Kashmir. Interestingly, there is no media interest in either genocides nor any worldwide interest in hearing the heartrending stories of the refugees huddled in abysmal conditions at Sealdah and Misriwala.

Interestingly, if the “peaceful” Kashmir Hindus or the Bangladeshi Hindus had adopted the same “tit-for-tat” Jihadi tactics against their “Ongoing Silent Genocide”, the world might have taken notice of them and highlighted their plight prominently in the media. But since these cultured people refused to be uncultured or believe in the survival of the fittest, they will quietly vanish into the night, without a whimper.

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